190 stl muslim community letter to Michale Brown family

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Dear Brown family,

On behalf of the St. Louis Muslim community, which is comprised of 18 Islamic Centers, and over 100,000 thousand Muslims from every ethnic background in the world, we would like to share our condolences regarding the loss of Michael Brown.

We know that unarmed black men are killed at an alarming rate in this country. We recognize that all life has value. We also recognize that the officer has a right to due process.

The Prophet Muhammad once said we must “help our brother, whether he is an oppressor or he is oppressed… [We should help the oppressor] by preventing him from oppressing others.”   We thank the FBI for launching a parallel investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown and hope that a thorough investigation will be completed, the truth will be disclosed, and justice will be served.

We will pray and stand with the Ferguson community in this time of much needed healing. The Holy Qur’an tells us that humanity is like one body, when one part of it is in pain, the whole body should wake up in a feverish state. Islam is a way of life that invites all of humanity to it in order to establish justice, build meaningful brotherhood of all people, and worship God alone with no partners. We the Muslim community in Saint Louis share your family’s pain. Your family’s sorrow is our sorrow.

We pray that the Most Merciful strengthens your family and the St. Louis community with patience to endure this sad time. We wish you peace and safety.


The Saint Louis Muslim Community

Adil Imdad, Chairman of West Pine Islamic Center

Dr. Aniyu Jimoh, President of West Florissant Islamic Center

Dr. Bahar Bastani, President of Shia Islamic Center

Dr. Ferrahs Abdel-Basit, Board Member of Dar Al Jalal Islamic Center

Dr. Helal Ekramuddin, President of the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis

Dr. Mujtiba Qazi, Presidet of Missouri Muslims for Civic Engagement

Faizan Syed, Executive Director of the St. Louis Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations

Imam Aboo Muawiyah, Grand Islamic Center

Imam Ahmed Serdarevic, St. Louis Islamic Center Nur

Imam Council of Greater St. Louis

Imam Envir Kunic, Bosnian Islamic Center

Imam Mohammed Hasic, Islamic Community Center

Myra Ekram, President of the Muslim Youth of St. Louis

Raed Abuhamda, Al-Manara Academy Football Club

The Chief of STLIslam.com

The Board of the Downtown Islamic Information Center

Tim Kaminski, President of the Masjid Qouba Foundation

Umar Lee, Author and Evening-Whirl Columnist

Yumna Ali, Executive Director of the Islamic Information Center of St. Louis