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Defend the Honor of Muhammad

Defend the Honor of Muhammad Billboard

Calling all artists and designers. CAIR-STL and the Imam Council on Greater St. Louis is holding a billboard competition called "Honor the Prophet Muhammad"(PBUH).

The goal is to get designs that best displays the life, honor, teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

First place will win $1,000 and have their designs put on billboards across St. Louis. This Ramadan help honor the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and enter your design into this competition.

  • They must upload it online at the following link:
  • The artwork must be in a PDF format
  • You may upload as many designs as you would like
  • Best design will recieve a $1,000 prize and will have their design put up on billboards across STL

Submit Your Design Online:
Facebook Page:

Deadline for all submission: August 1st, 2015

Dimensions: 14' by 48'

Journalist's Guide

campaign Journalists GuideIn 2007, CAIR launched a major initiative to help enhance understanding of Islam and Muslims in the news media.

Called "Beyond Stereotypes," the campaign centers around distribution of the publication American Muslims: A Journalist's Guide to Understanding Islam and Muslims to editors, reporters, producers, and other journalists nationwide.

CAIR's guide offers journalists tools to gain a better understanding of Islam and to write accurate and balanced stories about Muslims. It also offers background information on issues related to Islam and Muslims, best practices for reporting on the American Muslim community, and definitions of terminology often used in news stories or editorials.

We encourage media professionals who want a free copy of the guide to request one through our website, and we ask American Muslims to sponsor copies of the guide or to order hard copies to distribute to your local media outlets.


campaign islamophobia

CAIR’s department to monitor and combat Islamophobia tracks sources and incidents of Islamophobia across the country, creates dossiers on prominent Islamophobes, and produces factsheets to debunk false information that has been spread about Islam.

In 2013, we released our second Islamophobia report, a 148-page publication that details the 37 groups whose primary purpose is to promote prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims. The report shows that this “inner core” of Islamophobes enjoyed access to more than $119 million in funding between 2008 and 2011, or almost $30 million per year.

The report also tracks the 78 bills or amendments designed to restrict Muslims’ religious practices that have been introduced in state legislatures and the U.S. Congress.

Islamophobia.org presents detailed profiles of individuals and institutions involved in the American Islamophobia network.

Explore the Quran

campaign explore the quranThis campaign was a product of CAIR's strategic approach to reshaping perceptions about Islam and Muslims. In 2005, a CAIR survey confirmed earlier findings that 60 percent of Americans are not knowledgeable about Islam. However, a significant percentage welcomed the opportunity to learn about Islam. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans said that they would like to receive a free copy of the Quran.

Since the campaign was first launched, nearly 28,000 people have requested a free copy of the Quran. This report presents the current status of the campaign and identifies additional resources needed to continue the project to reach more Americans.

Mission Statement for "Explore the Quran" Campaign

In order to promote mutual understanding and educate others about Islam, CAIR will provide a free copy of the meaning of the Quran in English to Americans of other faiths.

campaign buttons sponsorcampaign buttons requestcampaign buttons distribute

Join Ambassador Program

The Ambassador program is based on the Seerah (Life History) of the Prophet Muhammad (May Peace be Upon Him). During his life He would send Muslim Ambassadors to represent Islam and the Muslim community to the rulers in Persia, Rome, and Africa. These Ambassadors would speak about Islam, represent the Muslim community, and build relationships with these people who held positions of power and influence.

Today, sadly few American Muslims ever meet their elected officials even though they live in a Representative Democratic society which is built on people in power having relationships with average voters. The result is many elected officials never meet a Muslim and have limited understanding or worse, misinformation about our community.

That's why we need you to join the CAIR-STL Ambassador program. By becoming an Ambassador you will help build a long term relationship between American Muslims and our elected officials. You do this by holding meetings with them to build relationships and discuss issues of concern.

The program is simple:

  • CAIR-STL will provide you the training to meet your elected officials, help organize meetings, and discussion topics.

Become a CAIR-STL Ambassador today by clicking on this link below and filling out the form. You will then be contacted by a CAIR-STL team member who will start the process with you.


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